JR Inman Comments on Fired Rutgers Coach Rice Video

Gerald Inman Jr and Gerald ParkerAuthors Gerald Parker and JR Inman at the Nyack Library Local Authors event.


Dramatic coaches are a staple in sports. Coaches with tempers are supported and cheered, like retired Indiana University Coach Bobby Knight, author of the Power of Negative Thinking: An Unconventional Approach to Achieving Positive Results.

Former Rutgers University basketball player JR Inman, author of When the Air Comes Out of the Ball,© commented on the video depicting his college coach hurling insensitive slurs.

“There’s a difference between productive criticism and destructive criticism. I am a fan of Coach Rice and his coaching philosophies, however, the video shown at the practices are appalling, classless, and shameful. It shows a hostile coach who is incapable of controlling his emotions. This has brought shame to the entire Rutgers Community.” – JR Inman



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